Welcome to the Society for Creative Anachronism! We are glad that you have decided to check out a hobby that we, and tens of thousands of our closest friends, have been enjoying for over 40 years.

The SCA is the worlds largest historical recreation group. We endeavor to recreate the best parts of the Middle ages and have a ton of fun doing it. We have many people who have many different areas of interest under this common theme

We have warriors and craftsmen, archers and musicians, royalty and farmers, dancers and cooks.

We have people who enjoy doing so much that there is something for about everyone to enjoy.

If there is something you want to learn about, just ask. We can easily find people who would be glad to teach you all they know about different arts or skills. We can also easily direct you to a vast array of on line resources that SCA members have been compiling since the early days of the internet.

Our weekend events take place during the spring summer and fall. People will spend 2 or 3 days over the weekend watching or participating in armored combat, archery, classes on various arts and sciences, feasting, singing, dancing and any number of other activities. There is a reason why many of the members of the SCA spend so many of their weekends camping with their friends. We don’t just sit around, our camping can get you up and moving. You can be as active as you wish as you have out with many of what we consider to be the best people around!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the SCA like?

    An adventure, a family, a place to learn, a place to teach, a place to get some exercise and blow off steam . . what is the SCA like? What would you like it to be?

  • What if I don’t have Armor?

    Don’t worry, We have loner armor that you can use until you know if fighting is right for you. You do still have to provide that certain special item of male or female protection, we don’t share those.

  • What if I don’t have Garb?

    Don’t worry. We have some loner garb that we can loan you for your first couple events until you get some ideas about what you want to have for a style or persona.

  • Do I have to pick a name / persona to play?

    No, you don’t need to pick a name or devise a persona to play. Although the vast majority of the people in the SCA have a persona and name, it’s not required. Many people play for a long time before they find a name and persona that they feel fits them

  • What if I don’t have a tent?

    Don’t worry. Many people day trip events and don’t camp. Some events have cabins that you can rent space in, and there is always someone with some extra space they can let you crash in. If you make the effort to come out to an event, we will find the space for you.

  • What if I only have a modern looking tent?

    Don’t worry. Modern tents are fine. Many of us have learned that modern tents are no where near as easy to set up, tear down or as nice to camp in as canvas tents, but many people still use modern tents when they do not have the extra space needed for period tents.

  • What if I don’t have a ride to an event?

    Don’t worry. We ride share to events all the time. If you need a ride to an event or are looking for a rider to help share gas expense, just ask on our list and we can help you find a ride.

  • What do I have to offer the SCA?

    If you show up and have fun, that’s all we need. If you want to do more there are always opportunities for volunteering at events and in local groups. Many of us think the best way to see what is going on and get to know the people and the traditions is to pitch in and help out.

  • What if I don’t have a lot of money?

    You will probably spend less at a weekend SCA event then going out to dinner and a movie, there is very little initial investment that is required, and if you’re interested there is usually loaner armor and loaner garb for those just starting out.

  • What if I don’t know anyone in the group?

    Don’t worry. Most of us started out in the SCA by wandering in alone to check out a meeting. Drop on by, say Hi and let us know you’re checking things out.

  • What are the requirements to join the Axed Root?

    Ummm . . . show up. All it takes is to show up and hang out.

  • When is your next Renaissance Fair?

    Oops, you’re probably thinking of another group. Renaissance fairs are run by groups as a for profit form of entertainment. The SCA is not a for-profit group and our events are not shows for people to watch, we want every one to participate. The fees to get in are usually just enough to cover the cost of paying for the rental fees of a site and the cost of the food in the feast.

  • Can I be an Elf?

    Oops, you’re probably thinking of another group. There are groups that play Live Action Role Playing games where you can be an elf or a troll, but that’s not us.

  • Can I cast spells?

    Oops, you’re probably thinking of another group. There are groups that play Live Action Role Playing games where you can “cast spells,” but that’s not us.

  • What if I’m not sure if the SCA is for me?

    The SCA isn’t for everyone. So the best thing to do is to come to a few meetings and maybe go to an event.

  • Can I get Hurt in combat?

    Yes you can. If you don’t listen to the marshals and don’t play by the rules you could. However most people consider SCA combat to be less dangerous than high school football matches and injuries worse then really cool looking bruises are rare

  • When/where are the really big events?

    The largest events are held in august in Pennsylvania, other than that, the other largest events are held in Mississippi in March and Arizona in February.

  • What time periods does the SCA cover?

    The SCA covers time periods before 1600 with most people re-creating cultures between 600 and 1600.

  • What styles of combat are practiced in the SCA?

    Locally in the Kingdome of Calontir we practice a heavy weapon combat style that uses full speed, full force, full armor, unchoreographed combat. To make this game survivable we use rattan weapons instead of live steel.

  • Can I be King or Queen?

    Yes you can, but you have to fight the best fighters in the Kingdome to win the right. So come to a fighter practice and we will help you to begin your path to the crown.

  • What if I can’t afford Garb?

    A basic T tunic can cost less that $5. And if you’re willing to put in some work you can make yourself some very fancy garb for not as much as you think.

  • Can I be a Lord / Lady / Duke/ Duchess?

    Yes you can, but those are awards that are given or earned, not just assumed by someone. If someone had a title, there is a reason they have it. They earned it.

  • Can I participate if I have a disability?

    Yes you can. There are fighters with all kinds of abilities. The SCA works hard to be inclusive of all people.

  • How does an SCA event differ from a Ren Fair?

    Ren Fairs are a show people throw for profit to entertain an audience. An SCA event is a chance for all kinds of friends who share similar interest to gather together and have fun, learn, teach, fight, shoot, eat, revel and hang out.

  • What is it like being in the SCA?
  • What is an event like?
  • What is it like to attend a war?
  • How safe is camping at an SCA event?
  • How can I learn how to . . .

With so many questions . . why not just drop by and ask anything you like?