April 22 – VEISHEA Demo

The Canton will be holding our annual VEISHEA demo on the Iowa State campus on April 22nd, from 9:00 am to around 6:30 pm. We will be located between Catt, MacKay, and LeBaron Halls, at the north end of central campus (straight north of the Campanile). Everyone is invited to attend our demo.


All roads surrounding the site will be CLOSED to ALL traffic by 7:45 am, due to the parade. If you want to drop things off before that time, please park in the Bessey Hall parking lot (to the right of site on map) for unloading. You will not be able to park here all day, however. Parking will be available near the Extension 4-H Youth Extension and Administrative Services. Buildings on Stange Road near the Pammel Court Grocery
(Map of VEISHA demo parking, scroll south 3 screens to find Catt, MacKay, and LeBaron Halls (the demo site), which is within reasonable walking distance).


We are planning a day of fighting, including the Pell Tourney for new fighters, the Warden of Axed Root tourney, as well as various melees and one-on-ones. Inspections and pickup fighting will start around 10:00, with tournaments beginning at 11:00. In addition, we will be showing off our skills in the Arts and Sciences with displays of our handiwork. We usually get a good crowd of people, and we use this day to do a general membership drive to attract new blood into the SCA.

If you are interested in teaching a short (20-30 min), simple, and interactive demo during the day, please bring materials to teach it. Suggestions for demos might be: calligraphy, chainmail, trebuchet operation, embroidery, illumination, weapon construction… We plan on posting a schedule of events so visitors can attend the classes we put on; think of it as a mini-RUSH. We also will bring the loaner garb so that kids (and kids at heart) can try them on, and get their pictures taken.

A reminder: Although VEISHEA is allowing alcohol this year in some locations, it is still not allowed where we are. 

Well, it’s mostly done.

Apart from the officers’ contact information (which I can’t release until I get waivers), axedroot.org includes all the content of the old website.

Why go with this new format? It’s much, much easier to update. Instead of having to know anything about HTML or webpage design, anyone can add information and content to Axedroot.org who is familiar with a word processing program. The details of who can add to or modify the page have yet to be determined, but they will be quite easy to implement.

If you have thoughts or questions, tell Olai.