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I know, I know, we haven’t updated the website in 3 months. We’re very sorry. We’ll try to do better, though don’t get your hopes up.

Life continues. I can’t really compress 3 months into a few paragraphs, but here are some of the happenings (in stream-of-consciousness order):

  • I started a science club for 7th and 8th grade students. We’re doing a bit of engineering, a bit of astronomy, and quite a bit of general fun. Participation has been quite good. Right now, teams of students are working on building machines that shoot ping-pong balls. In 2 weeks we’ll have a competition to shoot for distance.
  • We got an apartment in downtown Beijing with 2 of our friends. We only use it on weekends and days off, but it’s cheaper than a hotel. And it’s darn nice to get away from school for a while each week; this place can feel like a cage sometimes.
  • Friday night is pizza night; most of the foreign teachers in the middle school get together and go out for pizza.
  • Winter hasn’t quite arrived yet, but there’s frost in the mornings and it’s getting colder rapidly.
  • We spent Thanksgiving with the other teachers. We had a big potluck dinner, which was quite successful. Even though we didn’t have a turkey (they’re prohibitively expensive over here), we had chicken, duck, and lots of other good stuff. Nichole and I brought apple pies, cornbread, and hard cider.
  • We saw the Special Olympics when they were going on. We went to see 2 games of wheelchair rugby. It’s an amazing sport. Much fun was had by all.
  • Our apartment at school is slowly falling to bits. We have pieces of wall and ceiling falling off in every room. Repairs are a process; I put in work requests 5 weeks ago.
  • We climbed the Great Wall.
  • We’ve done lots of other interesting stuff which I can’t remember at the moment.

As always, if you want to see our latest activities, you can look at our photostream at

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