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Inner Mongolia, Part 3

(Read Parts 1 & 2 first. These are only a few of the pictures from the trip. You can see the rest here.)

The next day we had the morning to explore before catching our train at 2:00. We had breakfast at a nice little bakery/cafe near our hotel, and headed to Dazhao Temple, the oldest Buddhist monastery in the city – constructed in 1579.


We stood gaping at the architecture for a while, and then we noticed the adjacent shopping district. It looked more interesting, so we went exploring.


We found a history nerd’s wonderland…


We even found a custom Mongolian bootmaker!

After wandering the shopping district for a few hours, it started to rain. We decided to head back to our hotel, collect our bags, and head to the train station. When we entered the station, we found that the whole ceiling was painted with a beautiful mural.



Unfortunately, we weren’t able to buy sleeper tickets for the ride home. We were stuck in the cheapest seats on the train for the 26 hours back to Zhangjiagang, an experience neither of us wants to repeat.


We arrived back in Wuxi at about 6:00 on the 5th, and caught a bus back to Zhangjiagang.

A couple months ago, we heard that English First had just opened its first school in Inner Mongolia in Hohhot. For some time now, we’ve been considering what we want to do when our current contract is up. We like Zhangjiagang, but there is little prospect of career advancement in the next year or two, and the weather is too warm and wet for our tastes. We’ve been thinking about going to somewhere in the North, and Inner Mongolia is at the top of the list. The Hohhot school sounds like a perfect opportunity.

We decided that we’d go visit the city during the October holiday to see if it’s the sort of place we might like to live. Thus, we spent most of our time in Hohhot exploring the streets and the local culture. We didn’t travel out to the grasslands or mountains; there will be plenty of time for that if we live there. We also didn’t get a chance to see the EF school (they were on vacation too). But we both quite like the city, and our current plan is to try to get jobs there in 9 months, when we’re finished in Zhangjiagang.

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