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Inner Mongolia, Part 2

(Read Part 1 first. These are only a few of the pictures from the trip. You can see the rest here.)

The next morning (October 3rd) we got up and headed to the Inner Mongolia Museum. We knew very little about it, except that it was highly recommended by our guidebook.

Our taxi driver took us to the museum, but we couldn’t see it because there was a huge building in the way. Then we read the sign.




The museum is HUGE. Only about 1/3 of it was open to the public yet, and it was still huge. After paying our $3 to get in, we headed to the first exhibit which was…


Dinosaurs! There was a big exhibit with hundreds of fossilized dinosaurs found in Inner Mongolia. They ranged from the small…


to the largest dinosaur skeleton in Asia.


After the dinosaurs, we ran through some slightly boring exhibits of Mongolian geology and biology. We were more interested in the history areas.

Unfortunately, though the exhibits were introduced in English, the specific items weren’t usually labeled in English. I can’t give exact descriptions of most of the items. However, most of them are from Tang-era Mongolia. Again, these are only a fraction of the photos we took, see the rest here.




Siege weapons and mobile yurts!

An interesting fabric remnant; you can see a Christian cross…


Vincent, build me one of these…

And a bit for the archers out there…


After we reached mental overload in the museum, we attempted to find another site recommended by our guidebook, a department store specializing in traditional goods from the villages. We couldn’t find it, and ended up spending the rest of the afternoon wandering through the downtown shopping district. We didn’t buy anything, but we found a barbecue and brewery restaurant for dinner. The barbecue was good (if a bit off) and the beer was acceptable.


We were tired from the day’s travels, so we headed home. On the way back, we made a new friend.


Part 3

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  1. Scary Aunt Anne | October 10, 2007 at 4:28 am | Permalink

    Dinosaurs and pointy objects and siege engines, oh my!

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