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Mid-Autumn Festival

The first week of October is the mid-autumn festival here in China. For us, this means five days off work! We decided that it’s about time we saw some more of the country–something not in our immediate area. We settled on Inner Mongolia. We’ve been looking into getting jobs in Hohhot (the capital) next year when our current contract expires, so getting a first-hand look at the place seems like a good idea. Another point in its favor is that it isn’t a tourist destination. Mid-autumn festival is one of the major traveling holidays in China. We don’t want to spend our holiday in a crowd so dense that we can’t breathe!

Despite our logical reasons for choosing Hohhot, the actual holiday is going to be a bit on the silly side. We’re going by train, which should be quite interesting, but Hohhot is very far from Zhangjiagang. It’s over 24 hours one-way. So we’ll leave here on Monday afternoon, arrive Tuesday evening, have all day Wednesday and Thursday morning to explore, then back on a train Thursday afternoon, get back Friday evening, so we can teach Saturday morning!

It’ll be absolutely insane, but I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more of China in the process!

A map of our route:

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  1. Scary Aunt Anne | September 26, 2007 at 9:01 am | Permalink

    Wow! Quite a trip. North of the Wall, up in Temujin’s old stomping grounds. I’ve got a copy of Rene Grousset’s Conqueror of the World by the computer; nice short chapters, reading in little chunks while waiting for things to load (and I must say Google maps are a real pain in the ass to use on dial-up. I haven’t even tried to use GoogleEarth. Of course, now I may have to see if it’s available at the library.)

    Have a wonderful trip!

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