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Back in China

Hey all, we’re back! After a long and uneventful plane trip, we found that nobody had come to pick us up at the airport in Shanghai. All the buses had long left, and we didn’t want to spend the night in a hotel. While looking for a taxi, we found a guy who knew a guy with a van… we ended up riding in this guy’s van all the way back to Zhangjiagang. Unfortunately, he didn’t really know where Zhangjiagang was, so we ended up stopping for directions about 15 times, and the drive that should have taken 2 hours took over 4. But we got here, safe and sound, at about 2:00 AM local time, after we’d been traveling for about 36 hours. A good night’s sleep in my own bed, and my first bowl of noodles in a month… it’s good to be back.


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