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Sewing Adventures at Home

While we’re home my main project is sewing garb for my brother, Doug, to wear to Lilies. We ran some errands this morning, but I knew that as soon as we got back to the house I would have to start sewing again–Lilies is just two days away! I went into the living room to clear some floor space so I could cut fabric. In the process I kicked a bunch of random cat toys off to the sides of the room. I left a few cat toys (including a little rubber snake) where they were since they weren’t really in my way.
With space cleared I began to work on my project, a seriously ugly pair of pants. So, cut fabric in the living room, sew in the dining room, back to the living room to lay out pieces and pin. One of the times I was pinning I got a bit closer to the toys than I intended, and I knelt with my foot slightly resting on the little rubber snake. I don’t like distractions while I’m sewing, so I leaned back and picked up the toy to move it further out of my way. Something was odd so I brought it a little closer to look at it. “Oh,” I said, “it’s a real snake,” as I tossed it away from my work area.
“Is it alive?” Doug asked in surprise.
“No, it’s quite dead,” I assured him. “Would you kindly dispose of it for me?” He promptly did, and I continued with my pinning. After a moment it occured to me that a calm “Oh, it’s a real snake,” is not a normal response to finding a dead snake in your living room under your foot. But then, I never claimed to be normal.

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