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Ages of War

On May 25-27, we went to our first SCA event in 6 months; Ages of War. Conveniently, it was only about 90 minutes from home. We went up early on Friday to help our friends at the Broken Harp set up.

For those who don’t know, The Broken Harp is a portable, fully-functional bar which travels to various SCA events. There are no prices; it’s all free! It’s made possible by donations from patrons, homebrewers eager to share their results, and by the endless hard work of the staff (thanks, folks!). It’s become one of the most popular features at the events where it’s set up.

At the Broken Harp
A view from outside the main tent.

At the Broken Harp
Alpin tending the bar.

At the Broken Harp
A look at the homebrew selection. The root beer and lemonade are both homemade but non-alcoholic, and are quite popular with kids and adults alike.

At the Broken Harp
Other options.

Of course, there were many other things to do at Ages of War besides sitting in the Harp and talking with our friends; there was fighting
5-30 015
and trebuchets!
5-30 041

All in all, a great return to the world of the SCA. I can’t wait for Lilies War!

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