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The SCA in China

More than anything else since coming to China, we’ve been missing the SCA. The nearest official group is in Japan Korea, which is a bit of a commute to fighter practice. We knew this before we came, but we never imagined how much we’d miss it. It appears that we’ll be coming home for Lilies War in mid-June, but that’s a long ways off.

We’ve been finding little ways to get our SCA fix. Nichole (Dubheasa/Elena) has found some embroidery materials, and is keeping herself sane with embroidery.

Nichole's Embroidery

We’ve gone to Suzhou in search of silk, and found some lovely material (some of which will be coming home for Lilies). We’ve acquired a number of good books on historical Chinese garb and armor, and I’m learning to use an abacus, but it’s a far cry from going to an event each weekend.

But all that appears to be coming to an end. Today, we held our first semi-organized fighter practice in China! We had Nichole and I, along with two other teachers from our school (one of which is already quite hooked and may even come to Lilies). We fought in the middle of a park, so we attracted quite a crowd of local onlookers, a few of which tried fighting for themselves. As usual, we made a Caucasian spectacle of ourselves. Everyone enjoyed it so much that it appears we’re going to be making it a regular practice. If we find a few more interested folks, we may try to form a real SCA group.

Fighter Practice

Fighter Practice

For now, it appears that the best we’re going to do for equipment is boffers and motorcycle helmets (dirt cheap, about $5 for a full-face helmet). After payday, we’re going to see if we can come up with some shields. It’s a far cry from Gulf Wars, but it’s enough to satisfy my SCA addiction. For today, anyway.

-Olai Skjaervoy, Fyrdman of Calontir
Calontir, sed nomini tuo da gloriam.

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