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Where did the lilacs go?

I was sitting in my living room about an hour ago, when I heard the sounds of machinery through the open window. This is a basement apartment, so I couldn’t see much out the window. When I went up the stairs to see what was happening I noticed that the large planter on the corner no longer had a tree in it. Worse yet, the garden in front of the building, which had several lovely lilacs, was empty! There are several landscaping trucks, and bobcats, and etc. currently uprooting all of the gardens along Main Street. Even as I type this the gardens are being refilled with fresh potting soil. Obviously there will be new plants going in, but I want to know what was wrong with the old ones? Sure, the little tree was nothing special; but those lilacs were beautiful. I hope they’re not going to uproot the little park across the street too! I will post updates about what they’re planting as soon as I see.

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