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I’ve had a few people ask about the food… well, let me tell you about the last few days.

Saturday night, Nichole and I went to one of the hundreds of small mom-and-pop 10′ X 15′ restaurants that are scattered through town. This particular one was recommended by one of our other teachers. However, when we got there, we found that the menu was entirely in Chinese (many of the stores have some attempt at an English translation available). So when the owner came up at us and started pointing at things on the menu, we just nodded at the first two things she pointed to. It turned out fairly good, as the first thing out was a slightly sweet and spicy pork and vegetable dish which was absolutely delicious. Just as we were finishing that, they brought out a second dish, which was a whole fish in some BBQ-esque sauce. Nichole doesn’t care for fish, but I had some of it. It was quite tasty as fish goes, but very bony.

Sunday morning we decided to try a western-style breakfast at a place called the Cafe de Branchy, one of the better western restaurants in town. Their translated menu was a bit confused, but I managed to order a waffle, and Nichole what we thought was a strawberry muffin. I also ordered a “pearl tea”, a sweet fruity milk tea with large tapioca balls in it. Bizarre but quite tasty. Anyway, my waffle arrived (and was pretty standard), but Nichole’s food never came. After a while we tried to talk to the waitress, but we had left our Chinese-English phrasebook at home, and so we didn’t really succeed. After much consternation on all sides, they went back to the kitchen. They brought us something I can only describe as boiled sausage egg rolls (tasty, but a surprise). And then they brought another waffle. So Nichole had a waffle, and we never saw anything resembling a strawberry muffin.

Every workday at noon, we have an in-house lunch. As I mentioned before, there is a little Chinese lady who doesn’t speak a word of English, but who is a lovely cook. A typical menu might be: a pork & tofu dish, a chicken & potato dish, a vegetable stew, and maybe stewed eggs & tomatos. And of course, lots of rice.

Last night, we went to another little mom-and-pop place, where we’d had good luck before. We ordered “pork and green peppers”, which is exactly what it sounds like, a big pile of bits of pork and green peppers. Boring, right? No. It was all simmered together in some sort of broth, and was great.

Then we stopped by the little neighborhood grocery store on our way home, and bought some OJ, tea, cookies, and other little munchies. It’s not too different than a grocery store in the US. I’ll probably take pictures at some point.


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  1. Rachel | November 27, 2006 at 7:53 pm | Permalink

    it’s bubble tea silly :)

  2. Doug | November 29, 2006 at 10:55 pm | Permalink

    Erm…just a minor thing: could you guys please note whose writing? Also, good to hear you guys are doing well.

  3. eosha | November 30, 2006 at 3:40 am | Permalink

    If I sign it “Nichole,” then it’s me writing. Otherwise it’s Sam.


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