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Interview Week

On Wednesday, I had a job interview in Des Moines for a Head Start job in Boone. The interview seemed to go pretty well, and they said that I should hear from them in 1-2 weeks (once my info made it through their bureaucracy). Sam and I are contemplating a move back to central Iowa, but it’s not set in stone yet. One of the major factors that will affect our decision is what Sam hears from the electricians’ union. When we got home on Wednesday he’d received a letter from them asking him to come in for an interview this coming Tuesday. There was much rejoicing. Whatever the outcome of the interview, we’ll be a critical step closer to making a decision. I should know something when/if I got a call.

On Thursday, Boone Head Start called to offer me the job. They needed a decision by Monday. I can’t commit in that time (which they knew when they called me, but they still had to try), so I had to turn them down. On the up side, I was their top choice, and if we do move their next opening is mine for the asking. Also on Thursday, Davenport Head Start called to offer me an interview. It’s on Tuesday.

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