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A little about the job…

Our work week runs Friday through Tuesday, with Wednesday and Thursday being our days off.  During the regular work week we teach at “offsites,” local elementary, middle, and high schools.  On weekends we teach in the EF building.  We have predetermined materials to cover and a set number of lessons for each unit, but we plan the individual lessons ourselves.  Thus far, we’ve just been doing training and observations (watching an experienced teacher in action).  Starting on Monday we will begin teaching classes on our own.  At the moment, Sam has eight classes a week, and I have nine.  This will change as classes end or new classes are added.  Most of my classes are with children and some younger teenagers, while Sam has mostly teenagers with one class of little kids and one of adults.  I’m sure I’ll have more to say on the subject of our classes once we’ve survived the next week!


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