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Uncle Joe

My uncle Joe recently started his own blog ( It’s good reading, and I’m enjoying seeing his thoughts on the world around him. The side effect of reading Joe’s blog is that I feel guilty for not updating my own!

Most of you who are reading this website already know that I’m back in Iowa while Sam is staying in China until July. I’m currently working as a preschool teacher in Davenport and living with my family. I’m enjoying my job and I’m getting along well with my coworkers. I’m also in rehearsals for
Trojan Women, with performances the last two weekends in May.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be apartment hunting. My goal is to have a place for Sam to come home to in July. I’ll also be looking into taking classes at Western Illinois University (Quad Cities campus). In short, life is going well in Davenport–I’ll let Sam provide a China update. :-)

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