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First Day at Work

Well, today was our first day at work. Came in at 9:30 or so, had some meetings with various folks, got our pictures taken (each person needs 18 photos for all the various visas, permits, etc.), and met some of the other employees.

Lunch was a lovely affair. They have a staff cook, who does nothing but feed the teachers and staff. She doesn’t speak a word of English, but it doesn’t matter; she understands the looks of gratitude.

The afternoon was filled with observing classes. It seems that I will be teaching the exact same lesson 18 times a week, to different groups of students at the local high school. It should be an interesting experience.

Now, off to find some dinner. No point in cooking, as everything is dirt cheap. A full 3-course meal can be had for under $1, as can a taxi fare anywhere in town.

Hopefully I’ll have some photos up tomorrow.


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