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{ Monthly Archives } August 2008

A week in…

Well, we’ve been here for a week, and we’ve been quite busy. Classes start tomorrow morning, and we’ve been planning classes, sorting out books, getting medical checkups and other bureaucratic business, and generally preparing for the start of the semester. It’s been hectic, but the future is looking promising. Oh, and we’re officially engaged.

Made it!

We’re here in our new place in Changping, Beijing, China. We arrived at about 9:00 last night, crashed for the night, and now we’re shopping and organizing. The new place was furnished but devoid of household items (most importantly, toilet paper), but we went shopping today and we’re now pretty well equipped, with the exception […]

On the way

A quick update: Got up at 4:30 AM. Drove to Des Moines. Flight was delayed 45 minutes. Flew to Chicago at 8:10. Sat in Chicago for a while. Flew out at 1:00 to Seoul, South Korea. Arrived in Seoul at 4:30 local time. Went through a delightfully efficient security checkpoint. Ate at Subway. Korean Air […]

…and back again.

What’s next? Here’s the breakdown: August 22 – Fly to Beijing August 25 – Start teacher orientation September 1 – Start teaching! We’ve been asked a lot about our plans for a year from now. When will we come home? What will we do next? How long will we stay in China? The answer to […]

Alaska Trip Photos

Sorry for the long delay. All of my photos are now online. Final count: 446 photos. Hopefully I’ll be adding Mom’s, Tyler’s, and Rachel’s before too long. You can see them all here. First, a map of our route: Here are some favorites (in roughly reverse chronological order): The Bitterroot River in Montana The Columbia […]

Alaska Trip: Days 27-29 (The End)

Day 27 – August 4 Today was a relaxing, fun day on the Bitterroot River. We took a small boat, a kayak, and an inner tube about 10 miles upstream of my uncle’s house, and spent the afternoon drifting down and fishing. The weather was beautiful, the river even more so, and the stress of […]