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{ Monthly Archives } July 2007

Moving along

Progress continues. I’m now walking (with 1 crutch to support and stabilize my bad leg), but at about 1/4 normal speed. I’m using the wheelchair in the office, but limping along at home. Stairs are my least favorite part of the day (5 flights at the apartment, 4 at school) but I’m getting better at […]

Life goes on…

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, but there hasn’t been much to say. The leg is healing well. The stitches from the surgery came out yesterday. This evening I’ll teach my first class in weeks, a “Life Club” with adults, on the subject of “Culture of America”. Nice and specific, huh? It looks like […]

Back from the Hospital

Just a quick note; I’m home from the hospital, though I’ll be going back daily for a week or two to check bandages (the doctor wasn’t buying the story that as a trained EMT I’m perfectly capable of minding a bandage and checking my own temperature). I’ll be on crutches for a couple months, but […]