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{ Monthly Archives } March 2007

The Dark Underbelly

Most of the time, China’s an interesting culture, full of unknown nuances and quaint contrasts. However, once in a while I have an experience that shows just how different and scary China can be. In Zhangjiagang, as with most of the rest of Asia, there are children we call “flowersellers”. A variant on the normal […]

The Walk to Work

Last week, I took my camera with me on the walk to work. The variety of stores I walk past every day always amazes me. This place is a home engineer’s paradise. Every piece of hardware I could conceivably want is easily available within a mile of my front door, and for a tiny fraction […]

The SCA in China

More than anything else since coming to China, we’ve been missing the SCA. The nearest official group is in Japan Korea, which is a bit of a commute to fighter practice. We knew this before we came, but we never imagined how much we’d miss it. It appears that we’ll be coming home for Lilies […]


I have a student in my Ji Yang NP 0B class named Harry. Harry is a sweet kid who has been an EF student for about the past six months or so. He’s about 7 years old and a little slower than most of the rest of the class, but he tries really hard. Monday […]