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{ Monthly Archives } January 2007

Real English Level 6

I just finished teaching this great group of adults. They all had pretty good English, so we could hold real conversations in class. It was probably my favorite class I’ve taught thus far. It’s a completely different activity than teaching small children. -Sam

Potato Party

Nichole and I felt like cooking tonight, so we decided we’d make dinner for the rest of the teachers. We got a bit excitable as to choice – we had mashed potatoes, gravy, pork chops, steak, salad, and bread. We sat around, had a few beers, gorged ourselves, and so on. Everyone quite enjoyed it, […]


Yesterday, Nichole, Steve, and I decided we’d head to Wuxi, a nearby town that none of us had ever visited. We got on a bus, and away we went. Located on the shores of Lake Tai, Wuxi is a famous historical town. 2000-3000 years ago, it was an important tin-mining city, though eventually the mines […]

Random China

Now that we’re settling in to our new home, life isn’t quite as scary as it was when we started. We’re getting to know the town, so we’re much more comfortable going out without knowing exactly where we’re going. However, there are still things which come out of nowhere to remind us that we’re definitely […]

New Year’s

Our schedule has been a little strange since Christmas. We had Monday (Christmas) off, worked Tuesday as usual, then had Wednesday and Thursday off like any other week. Friday was mostly normal except I had my Monday night class. Saturday we had our Tuesday classes again, minus night classes. Then we had Sunday and Monday […]