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{ Monthly Archives } December 2006

Internet Access

You may have heard about the undersea earthquakes in Taiwan. Unfortunately, the quake damaged a large number of important undersea data cables, which has dramatically affected phone and internet access into and out of China (not to mention much of the rest of Asia). Our internet access has alternated between glacially slow and nonexistent ever […]


Well, a number of people have asked about Christmas in China. Here’s what we’ve been doing: Friday night English First had its kids Christmas Party. We all went to a local tea bar and ate, sang songs, played games, and generally made a mess. I was originally going to be Santa Claus, but we weren’t […]


Well, for no particularly good reason we’ve been on a karaoke kick recently. First, Steve and I have been doing karaoke with our high school English class. We’ve got a list of English songs, and they pick one and sing it. Great fun for all involved, and a nice last lesson before Christmas (we only […]


Wednesday and Thursday are our weekend. Having done nothing much Wednesday, a group of us (Sam, Nichole, Steve, Jamie, and Paul) decided to go to Suzhou today, about 90 minutes away. We didn’t really have any plan other than “go, see, shop, come back”. We got on a bus this morning at 10:00 (bus fare […]

Another day, another adventure…

It’s quite interesting how much one class can vary from another at the same level. I teach two classes of 4-6 year olds at the same level of English. One of them is on-site at English First, the other is off-site at a local school. The on-site kids are a delight. They will do anything […]

EF Group Excursion

Update 12/21/06: Pictures added! Today was an exceptional day. Though it was our day off, we had scheduled a group outing with most of the teachers and staff. The plan, as announced to us, was “Go up a mountain (hill), go down the mountain, ferry to an island, have a barbecue, and go home.” Being […]