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{ Monthly Archives } November 2006


We found decent Western food! A little hole-in-the-wall that we’ve walked past many times opened up into a lovely French/Italian/American cafe, with windows overlooking the canal. I had a perfectly good pizza, and Nichole had lasagna. It was pricey by Chinese standards, but the two of us ate quite well (salad, entree, drinks) for under […]

A Day in the Park

Wednesday and Thursday are our days off. We spent most of yesterday at home, doing laundry and so on. My computer’s hard drive decided to die last night, but I was lucky to find a tiny computer shop just down the block which had one to sell me (a name brand for far less than […]


I’ve had a few people ask about the food… well, let me tell you about the last few days. Saturday night, Nichole and I went to one of the hundreds of small mom-and-pop 10′ X 15′ restaurants that are scattered through town. This particular one was recommended by one of our other teachers. However, when […]

A little about the job…

Our work week runs Friday through Tuesday, with Wednesday and Thursday being our days off.  During the regular work week we teach at “offsites,” local elementary, middle, and high schools.  On weekends we teach in the EF building.  We have predetermined materials to cover and a set number of lessons for each unit, but we […]

Video Tour of our Apartment

A walkthrough of our new apartment.

First Day at Work

Well, today was our first day at work. Came in at 9:30 or so, had some meetings with various folks, got our pictures taken (each person needs 18 photos for all the various visas, permits, etc.), and met some of the other employees. Lunch was a lovely affair. They have a staff cook, who does […]