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On Our Way

We’re eating dinner before heading to the train station. Our overnight train will put us in Nanjing tomorrow morning.


Trip Around China

In about a week, Nichole, Annette, Kelly, and I will be embarking on a grand tour of China. Over the month-long Chinese New Year holiday, we’re hoping to make a circuit of most of the major cities in China. We’ll travel mostly by overnight train, spending a day or three in Nanjing, Zhangjiagang, Shanghai, Hangzhou, […]


2 weeks ago we had visitors! Mom, Grandma, and my mom’s friend Deb came to visit for a few days. Their tour coincided nicely with our New Year’s holiday break, so we were able to show them Beijing without being interrupted by pesky work. They flew in on the night of the 29th, but since […]


I know, I know, we haven’t updated the website in 3 months. We’re very sorry. We’ll try to do better, though don’t get your hopes up. Life continues. I can’t really compress 3 months into a few paragraphs, but here are some of the happenings (in stream-of-consciousness order): I started a science club for 7th […]

An update!

I’m settling nicely into the primary school. The head teacher of the English department is a lovely young lady named Kitty. She was delighted to assign me to 6th grade–they have a reputation for being bad, and I have one for being a tough teacher. Each of the 6 grades in the primary school is […]

A week in…

Well, we’ve been here for a week, and we’ve been quite busy. Classes start tomorrow morning, and we’ve been planning classes, sorting out books, getting medical checkups and other bureaucratic business, and generally preparing for the start of the semester. It’s been hectic, but the future is looking promising. Oh, and we’re officially engaged.