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Our Wedding

We would like to celebrate our marriage with family and friends on October 10 at the Hickory Shelter in Brookside Park, Ames Iowa. We will be in the park all day after a private wedding ceremony. We will have refreshments and good times to share. Please stop by if you can, and stay for as […]

Uncle Joe

My uncle Joe recently started his own blog ( It’s good reading, and I’m enjoying seeing his thoughts on the world around him. The side effect of reading Joe’s blog is that I feel guilty for not updating my own! Most of you who are reading this website already know that I’m back in Iowa […]

The Rest of the Trip

So we didn’t update the blog since Shenzhen. Sorry. Long story short: from Shenzhen we went to Guilin then Kunming then Chengdu (yes, we went to see the pandas) 19 days. 9 cities. Planes, trains, and automobiles. A long haul, but much fun was had by all.

The South

We took an overnight train from Hangzhou to Shenzhen, arriving on the 30th. Shenzhen is a unique town. Like Zhangjiagang, it was one of China’s Special Economic Zones, established in 1979. Since then it’s grown by leaps and bounds, becoming the single richest city (in terms of GDP per capita) in China. As such, it’s […]