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Life in the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval reenactment group. For more information, visit and

Brewing in China

I don’t know if we mentioned this before, but we’ve been continuing our homebrewing hobby in China. Our first experiment started last December. We took some supermarket honey and some bread yeast and brewed it into a rudimentary mead. We used 2.5L soda bottles as our carboys, and a loose screw-on top as our “airlock”. […]

Lilies War

Well, we’re back from Lilies, and we had a great time. It was quite hot, so I only fought on 3 of the 8 days, but there were plenty of other things to do. I took classes in bronze casting, belly-dancing, shoemaking, engraving, and the history of our fair Kingdom. Of course, we also spent […]

Sewing Adventures at Home

While we’re home my main project is sewing garb for my brother, Doug, to wear to Lilies. We ran some errands this morning, but I knew that as soon as we got back to the house I would have to start sewing again–Lilies is just two days away! I went into the living room to […]

Ages of War

On May 25-27, we went to our first SCA event in 6 months; Ages of War. Conveniently, it was only about 90 minutes from home. We went up early on Friday to help our friends at the Broken Harp set up. For those who don’t know, The Broken Harp is a portable, fully-functional bar which […]


We’re back! We stopped into fighter practice on our way home from the airport. The trip was long, but nothing particularly interesting happened. We flew Shanghai-Tokyo-Minneapolis-Des Moines. Now we’re tired. Sleep good.

The SCA in China

More than anything else since coming to China, we’ve been missing the SCA. The nearest official group is in Japan Korea, which is a bit of a commute to fighter practice. We knew this before we came, but we never imagined how much we’d miss it. It appears that we’ll be coming home for Lilies […]