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Rock your world

Some photos of the last 3 months

For your viewing pleasure. From Our new apartment Our old apartment Apples Cool motorcycle The Great Wall Found squished in the living room

I am ashamed to share a species with these people.

Wal-Mart Worker Trampled to Death on Black Friday Think for just a moment about what this indicates about our civilization.

What’s Nichole doing?

I decided that I should post an update of my own, just to show that I’m still alive. I’m having a very laid-back and lazy summer. I’ve mostly been hanging around my mom’s house being a bum. We’ve been doing a fair amount of yard work and gardening, but mostly, I’m a bum. :-D I […]


Wow. Over the last 4 days, Zhangjiagang has received a record amount of snow. We’ve heard varying reports from different sources, but the general consensus is that this is the most snow ZJG’s seen in over a decade. The city was grossly unprepared to deal with this much snow. Neither the government nor the population […]

China Hates My Website

Well, it finally happened. has been blocked by the Great Firewall of China. This means that my website is inaccessible from the vast majority of computers in China. The company which actually operates my site is based in the US, so it’s still accessible everywhere else on Earth. And since they’re blocking it using […]