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I know, I know, we haven’t updated the website in 3 months. We’re very sorry. We’ll try to do better, though don’t get your hopes up. Life continues. I can’t really compress 3 months into a few paragraphs, but here are some of the happenings (in stream-of-consciousness order): I started a science club for 7th […]

An update!

I’m settling nicely into the primary school. The head teacher of the English department is a lovely young lady named Kitty. She was delighted to assign me to 6th grade–they have a reputation for being bad, and I have one for being a tough teacher. Each of the 6 grades in the primary school is […]

A week in…

Well, we’ve been here for a week, and we’ve been quite busy. Classes start tomorrow morning, and we’ve been planning classes, sorting out books, getting medical checkups and other bureaucratic business, and generally preparing for the start of the semester. It’s been hectic, but the future is looking promising. Oh, and we’re officially engaged.

EF Halloween Party

EF had a kids’ Halloween party on the night of the 28th. Initially, there was going to be a formal dress party for the adults as well, but only 6 people signed up. The kids’ party, however, proved to be immensely popular. The 120 tickets available sold out quickly, and there were many kids who […]

Summer School’s Over!

As of yesterday, summer school’s officially over! We’ll be moving from 34-36 hrs/week to 25-30, and from one day off per week to the usual two days (Wednesday and Thursday). And not a moment too soon. Teaching 6 days a week was taking its toll; teaching quality was falling, nerves were frayed, and sleep patterns […]

A little about the job…

Our work week runs Friday through Tuesday, with Wednesday and Thursday being our days off.  During the regular work week we teach at “offsites,” local elementary, middle, and high schools.  On weekends we teach in the EF building.  We have predetermined materials to cover and a set number of lessons for each unit, but we […]