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Last Thursday I got a call from a center I applied to over a month ago. At the time I received a “sorry, but the position has been filled internally” message from them. Now they have two more openings, and they would like me to come in for an interview on Wednesday. Last night after […]

Emotional (and employment) Rollercoaster

When I had my interview for Early Head Start, I discussed the fact that I don’t drive and don’t have a driver’s license with the ladies who interviewed me (including the center director). They thought it was slightly odd (it is, I know that), but it wouldn’t be a problem since the job doesn’t require […]


I have received an unofficial job offer from Davenport Early Head Start. Once my background check clears, I’ll get the “official” offer and I can put in my notice! Yay! I’m excited, but it won’t feel completely real until I actually start the new job. It’ll be tough saying goodbye to some of the kids […]

Tuesday’s Interview

I went into my interview on Tuesday with mixed feelings. I know that I want out of my current center, but I didn’t know enough about Head Start to know if I really wanted to work there. I really fear leaving one bad position for another. By the end of my interview, my feelings were […]

Interview Week

On Wednesday, I had a job interview in Des Moines for a Head Start job in Boone. The interview seemed to go pretty well, and they said that I should hear from them in 1-2 weeks (once my info made it through their bureaucracy). Sam and I are contemplating a move back to central Iowa, […]

We suck at this…

Quick summary of the past several months: I’ve been working in the same daycare I mentioned last post, but now I’m the 3 year old teacher. I love the work, I love my kids, I detest my workplace. I’m currently applying for other jobs here and in Ames. Sam is also still job-hunting. Wedding plans […]