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Insomnia and Summer

The summer I was 8 or 9 years old is when I first started having insomnia. We lived in south-east Georgia which is very hot and humid. Our house was out in the middle of nowhere with swamps and creeks all around, and the air-conditioning was very unreliable. It was hot, sticky, and filled with […]

I hate being sick…

Once again, I have a nasty cold. I should be used to it by now, but I still find it annoying. I had to miss work yesterday. It was probably a good thing, because I feel a lot better today; but I still hate calling in. Hopefully I’ll be better by Monday.

Knitting and a lack of ambition

For years I’ve said that I wanted to learn how to knit. It’s always been in that “some day” category. My mom started to crochet when I was about 4, and I was fascinated with watching her work. I loved to help by rolling her yarn into balls for her. Unfortunately, when I tried to […]

What’s Nichole doing?

I decided that I should post an update of my own, just to show that I’m still alive. I’m having a very laid-back and lazy summer. I’ve mostly been hanging around my mom’s house being a bum. We’ve been doing a fair amount of yard work and gardening, but mostly, I’m a bum. :-D I […]


Here’s a bit of introduction to Iowa, for those who’ve never seen it… Home The front yard The mailbox and the driveway The dogs, Junior and Jolie The nearest town, Williams, about a mile and a half away. Population: 500 The highway near our house Mom standing outside at sunset, just after a storm Sunset […]

A little about the job…

Our work week runs Friday through Tuesday, with Wednesday and Thursday being our days off.  During the regular work week we teach at “offsites,” local elementary, middle, and high schools.  On weekends we teach in the EF building.  We have predetermined materials to cover and a set number of lessons for each unit, but we […]